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LOGO-JasonMaCompany_simple-forWEBJason Ma is one of a handful of realtors with a doctorate degree but more than that is his experience, his expertise, and his superior service ~
When making real estate transactions, you need someone you trust, someone with experience, connection, and expertise. Whether you are buying or selling real estate for the very first time or as a seasoned investor, always work with the best. I strive to make your real estate process seamless and enjoyable, offering you peace of mind, superior sales, and optimal returns every time.  Buyers and Sellers can benefit from my extensive education and my real estate experience along with my accounting/auditing/finance experience as an accounting manager, internal audit manager, and internal audit director, and last but definitely not least, a college professor. In addition, I always have a passion for helping people and with my real estate and finance background along with my education, I know that I can provide invaluable service in helping my clients assess, buy and sell their homes.

Whether you want to buy a house, sell your home or you are a first-time buyer, or an investor, if you are willing to relocate to Orange County, California, I have the expertise to guide you through the process.  Working with Buyers is one of my specialties, using my full education and experience to maximize the process for my clients. Once I meet my clients and establish their Real Estate needs, I set up automatic emails to them of all potential new homes. I make appointments for the properties that interest them most and accompany them to the viewings. This way I am able to discuss pros and cons, enlighten them about features and construction, and educate my buyers so that they are confident in making a smart, informed decision when they finally find the home that fits them.  Working with Sellers, my thorough approach to Property Evaluations involves three steps, to ensure that I am presenting a suitable asking price.

1. On my first contact with the client, I obtain as much information as possible about the home, its condition, and history.

2. Before viewing the property, I use my knowledge of the market in the given neighborhood, and then thoroughly research similar properties, previous sales, and current listings. The data that I obtain allows me to make preliminary calculations that will contribute to my recommendation.

3. Finally, I view the property with a critical eye, evaluating the state of the home, and using my extensive knowledge both of the overall real estate market, and the market specific to each neighborhood. At this point, I am able to provide a very accurate recommended asking price.